ORIGIN: Ukarain

GENERAL APPEARANCE: The ODIS is a cheerful, peppy, and active dog. He looks like a South Russian Shepherd Dog, being its reduced copy. His strong bone structure and constitution are of considerable importance along with a small size, but it does not mean that ODIS should be clumsy, massive or stout. He should not be leggy or stocky in any way. ODIS must vigorously push hindquarters and move forequarters forward very widely in conformity with his body length. General size, constitution and proportionality are of great importance.

Height,proportions, constitution: Height of a well-built adult dog at the withers should not exceed 30cm (bitches are a little bit shorter).
Faults: a little inconformity with the above-stated height.
Severe faults: height of less than 28cm and more than 35cm at the withers.

Format: ODIS is a dog of a slightly elongated format.
Faults: length exceeding the above or a square shaped format.

Hair: thick, long (7-10cm), straight or slightly curly with a well developed undercoat; top hair is soft and silky.
Faults: Head not well covered with hair.
Severe faults: Head not covered with hair.

Colour: white, white with pale speckles of various colours (except for the liver colour), white and grey (blue), grey, various shades of pale yellow (except for the orange colour).
Faults: pale speckles of various colours, except for the grey and pale yellow speckles.
Severe faults: any other non-standard colour; large bright speckles of various colours, as well as pale speckles of liver and orange colours.

Head: Eyes and eyelid rims are dark, relatively small, round, and rather deep.
Faults: excessively prominent and light eyes.
Severe faults: yellow, amber-coloured eyes; no dark rim.

Ears: hanging or slightly pricked at cartilages; set high on the head, middle-sized and reaching the eye line, slightly rounded ends, carried flat to the sides of the head.
Faults: short ears.
Severe faults: pricked ears.

Skull: flat, moderately wide, gradually tapering to the eyes, moderate stop. The forehead gradually tapering from eyes to the muzzle and such stop is well defined. The length of the skull and the muzzle are approximately equal. Infraorbital area is filled enough, but not bulging. The forehead should not be defined. Not pronounced cheeks. Strong jaw. The muzzle gradually tapering to the black nose; pale-yellow dogs may have dark brown noses. Scissors complete bite.
Faults: excessively bulging skull, abrupt stop, empty infraorbital area, level bite.
Severe faults: flesh colored nose or at least 1/3 spotted nose or uncoloured nose, overshot, undershot.

Neck, topline, body:
Neck: a little longer than the head, lean, high and gradually expanding to the shoulders.
Faults: short, thin, plump.
Severe faults: short, low, very plump.

Withers: apparent enough, sturdy, gradually turning into the straight topline. Strong, sunken upper arms.
Faults: fairly defined withers.
Severe faults: not defined withers.

Back: short, strong, straight.
Faults: weak.
Severe faults: too long, short, saddle back.

Loin: short, sturdy and gently bulging.
Faults: straight, slightly elongated, too bulging.
Severe faults: long, weak, humped.

Croup: short, slightly sunken, sturdy.
Faults: sunken croup.
Severe faults: very sunken croup.

Tail: undocked, set high, carried over back, more heavily coated than the body.
Faults: low set.
Severe faults: too low set.

Chest: moderately broad, deep, oval shaped, with moderately sprung ribs.
Faults: slightly flattened, too deep (beneath the elbow line), broad, narrow.
Severe faults: too small, barrel shaped, flattened.

Belly: moderately tucked-up.
Faults: tucked-up or straight.
Severe faults: whippety or sagging.

Forequarters: straight, parallel and close to each other. Forequaters angulation is about 100 degrees. Elbows fitting closely to the sides and locating exactly under the withers. Straight and strong forearms. Short, slightly inclined pasterns.
Faults: inclined pasterns.
Severe faults: broad limbs, pointed upper arms; loose elbows, weak, inclined pasterns, knuckling, low forebody.

Hindquarters: straight, parallel and close to each other. Not broad, slightly behind the ishial tuberosity line when viewed from the side. Well defined joints angulation. Long hips, middle-sized shins. Short, upright rear pasterns.
Faults: slightly straightened angles of the limbs, pronated rear pasterns.
Severe faults: saber-shaped, cow-like, barrel-shaped limbs, straight-angled joints, high hindquarter.

Feet: small, rounded, arched, tight.
Faults: elongated, insufficiently arched feet.
Severe faults: flat, spreading feet; east-west feet, pigeon-toed front, dewclaws.

Gait /Movement: free, light, straight.
Faults: slightly constrained movements.
Severe faults: restrained, constrained movements, ambling.

Eliminating faults: Monorhid or bi-lateral cryptorhid, underdeveloped testicles. Colourless nose, undershot, overshot, yellow, amber-coloured eyes.


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